A New Look!

We've got a new look around Village Church!

New pastors...

New mission, vision, values, and strategy...

New logo...

Things are changing and it's exciting!

About our Logo

The Cross
The gospel is the center of who we are and what we do! Without Jesus, we are nothing. So, you’ll notice the cross is in the heart of our logo as we desire Christ to be in the center of our lives and ministry.

The “V”
The shape of the overall logo is an upside-down triangle. This “V” shape helps represent the name of our church, “The Village Church of Gurnee.”

The Three, Multi-Directional Arrows
The upside-down triangle is comprised of three, multi-directional arrows. These arrows help communicate our heart to be a disciple-making church on the move. Our mission is to make disciples who love God fully and love people completely. Our vision is to see Lake County renewed by God through people transformed by the gospel. If we want to do our mission and see God accomplish this vision through us, then we want to move in multiple directions: upward in worship, among each other in discipleship, and outward for our neighbors.

The Color Blue
The color blue has been one of the various design elements in parts of our building and signage over the years.  Using the color blue is one of the small ways we desire to honor how God has worked through the prayer, service, and sacrifice of many who have come before us.

When you see our logo, may it be a small reminder that, with Christ as our center, we want to go out to make disciples who love God fully and love people completely.