Kid Trek

There's worship and gym time for everyone each week and then kids choose whether to sign up for the age-level programming or an excursion. All programming and excursions emphasize Bible teaching and scripture memorization!

  • Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm
  • Winter Session: January 8-March 4
  • Family Night: March 11
  • Ages: 4 years - 5th grade
  • $25/child per session  l  $50/family per session


Winter Kid Trek Form

Kid Trek Programs

Explorers (4 years/Kindergarten): Our EXPLORERS will discover how much Jesus loves them and how he helps them to live more like him every day.

Voyagers (1st-2nd grade): Our VOYAGERS will continue to JOURNEY with God, digging deeper into the truth that God created them for a purpose. They will learn all about God’s ruler and his unfailing love for them that caused him to send his son, Jesus, to measure up for them, and they will discover truths about obedience, forgiveness, and thankfulness!

Adventurers (3rd-5th grade): Our ADVENTURERS will continue to enjoy learning all year from a couple of crazy scientists - Dr. Cranium & Professor Heart - who prove that loving Jesus is a matter of both the mind and the heart! They’ll discover truths about God as our protector and how we can depend on him in all  circumstances - even when we’re feeling peer pressure. God is ever faithful and each week your adventurer will learn Scripture verses to help them remember these important truths.

Kid Trek Excursion

Primary Praise (4 years-1st grade): This choir will introduce the kids to singing skills and music notation through exciting games, activities, and singing.

Growing (2nd-5th grade): This class is all about growing to be more like Jesus. Don't let this deep topic fool you; this is a fun class! Each week is very interactive. We will be in the kitchen creating one week, dropping something from the second floor to the first another week (come & find out what and why), playing games, creating & building, and taking a field trip - all while we learn how important it is to grow in our faith and in our friendship with Jesus Christ, our Savior.