Kid Zone

  • Sunday at 10:45am

Kid Zone is meeting on Sundays at 10:45am. Kid Zone is very concerned about the health and safety of the children we have been entrusted with. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are taking many extra safety and cleaning/sanitizing/disinfecting precautions to ensure, to the best of our ability, the safety of our families and volunteers. Please read through our COVID-19 guidelines. We look forward to being with and serving your children on Sundays!

Kids can come to Village Church on Sunday mornings expecting a rockin’ worship time, a place to learn Bible truths in creative, kid-friendly, relevant ways, and to connect with other kids.

We are honored to be entrusted with your kids and believe that their environment should not only be fun and inviting, but also safe and secure. All volunteers have gone through a background check, are well equipped, are passionate about sharing God’s love, and love to help kids know Jesus, follow Jesus, and share Jesus with others!

COVID-19 Guidelines

If you are planning to visit us...

On your first visit, come to the Kid Zone registration desk by the fish tank, which is just inside the southeast entrance of the building (marked Gymnasium). Helpful volunteers will be at the desk ready to assist. You can download our Kid Zone Guest Registration Form and bring it with you – or just fill one out when you arrive!
You and your child(ren) will receive temporary name tag/parent card for the morning. The name tag has a number on it which will match your parent card. This is our way of assuring your child's safety at dismissal - make sure to bring that parent care back with you. If we need to contact you during service, we will do so with a text message. Please supply you mobile number on the registration desk form. As you enter the auditorium we ask that you silence your phone,but keep it on vibrate so you will receive any text we might send.
Your family will be entered into Realm, our secure online sign in server, so on subsequent visits, your check in process will be streamlined. You will simply check your children in yourself, using iPads we have both downstairs by the fish tank and upstairs by the gym. Once you have checked your children in, a new name tag and parent tag will print out for your child and you respectively. The numbers will match to insure safe pick up.

Please allow a few extra minutes before the service time you are planning on attending to arrive and get your children settled.

Please read through our COVID-19 guidelines that we will be following throughout this current pandemic.

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