Teacher Supplies Drive

  • Sunday, July 8 & 15: Pick up donation cards in lobby
  • Sunday, July 22 & 29: Drop off items at church (south side entrance)

A recent Department of Education study reported that 94% of teachers buy supplies for their students and classrooms without reimbursement, spending and average of $479. In addition, hundreds of students in Lake County start school without adequate supplies, and often encounter difficulties in schoool and later in life.

How can you help?
1. Purchase supplies from SUPPLY LIST and drop off at Village Church of Gurnee.

2. Pray for the spiritual growth and academic growth of the students and teachers that you are helping.

Who is served?
During the past 15+ years, Village Church has provided supplies to over 3.000 students and over 80 teachers in Gurnee, Zion, North Chicago, Waukegan, Chicago, and other areas.