Why do we serve? It's a form or worship! Serving others in our church or in our community is something God calls us to do.

There are many way to serve at Village Church with different ministries. Take a moment to complete this Google form...and a ministry leader will contact you.

If you have questions on how you want to get involved, contact Pastor Brandon.

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    Reaching our community

    Local Outreach

    Village Church finds many ways to reach out to people in need who live in Gurnee and the surrounding area. As we seek to meet people's physical needs, we pray that our acts of service will give us added opportunities to meet people's spiritual needs.

    Recharge: Reaching young moms in our community by providing a place for them to connect, receive encouragement, and leave with increased confidence in their role as mothers.

    Local Partner Ministries

    Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ): This ministry sponsors faith-based initiatives to serve the needy throughout Lake County.

    Kindred Life Ministries: This ministry exists to help teen parents and their families thrive. Village Church is pleased to support Kindred Life by hosting regular workshops - as well as by providing mentors, child care, and general support and guidance to teen moms.

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    GO! Together

    GO! Together is the connection and cooperation of several churches in Gurnee, IL for the purpose of reaching the entire community with the great news of the gospel and the love of Jesus. The shared goal is to make relevant, personal contact with every Gurnee household to effectively share the gospel so they can believe.  Though the churches in Gurnee are varied in denomination, style, and governance, they are also united in the core faith and mission of the world-wide Church.

    Visit the website for more info!